As Ambassadors, we want to share all of the great things that Caudex has to offer.

We want to share the positive experiences we have all had and preserve our company culture for the future.

We’re an organisation that truly cares about its people.

We invest in our colleagues to give them the best opportunities to flourish and grow, and provide a supportive company structure to allow this to happen.

We see things through a unique, creative lens and have a passion for delivering a better scientific understanding of the world through multi-channel medical communications.

We want to share tangible examples to bring this to life for people, and demonstrate that we’re an agency that ‘walks the walk’ not just ‘talks the talk’ when it comes to empowering our people and building an inclusive culture.

Our people are the heart of our agency. Meet Caudex.

Ambassador: Mark Edmondson

Mark Edmondson

Scientific Team Leader


Ambassador: Emmanuelle Lenglet

Emmanuelle Lenglet

Account Manager


Ambassador: George Rogan

George Rogan

Scientific Director

New York

Ambassador: Amy Holloway

Amy Holloway

Medical Writer


Ambassador: Gary Burd

Gary Burd

SVP, Global Medical Director

New York

Ambassador: Raman Rai

Raman Rai

Project Coordinator


Ambassador: Debby Moss

Debby Moss

Scientific Team Leader


Ambassador: Emilie Violette

Emilie Violette

Client Service Director


Ambassador: Jennifer Rojas

Jennifer Rojas

Project Coordinator

New York