Hello Endpoint Health team,

Thank you for inviting us to participate in this exciting request for proposal (RFP)! We are thrilled that you have decided to visit our site to experience a preview of the journey we will be taking together.

We’ve been working tirelessly to prepare to bring the best of everything to support Endpoint Health’s vision. If you were with us right now, you would be sitting side by side with our medical directors and strategists to gain valuable insights from critical and chronic care experts, and sepsis researchers. These insights will inform and drive our spirited approach to impactful strategic foundations, creative solutioneering, and precision planning that we will utilize – as your partner – to pioneer the communication of advancements in personalized treatment that will dramatically improve patient outcomes.

We aim to impress with this capabilities overview and trust that this information provides a preview into the unparalleled expertise and experience we have within Caudex and the McCann Health Network, and the value we bring to our partnerships.

As a group of pioneering, strategic thinkers, inventors, creators, and planning prognosticators, we understand how critical it is to be a partner, collaborator, co-creator, and proactive counsel ensuring our clients are market-defining leaders. Simply put, the combination of our expertise in immunology and our work with progressive organizations to establish scientifically rigorous medical communications strategies allows us to ideate and create stories that connect, compel, and drive meaningful action. We are committed partners and look forward to a collaboration based on a shared sense of purpose and of shared values.

At McCann Health Medical Communications, we believe in a human approach to business, and have put forward the “best in class” team to partner with Endpoint Health. A team of people who understand your purpose, vision, ambitions, and your hope for the future in creating a world in which all patients suffering from immune-mediated inflammatory disease have effective, personalized treatment targeted to the right patient at the right time.

We are ready to partner with you and are psyched out of our minds about this opportunity to change the world with your team.

All the best,
Michael J. Stevinson
Global Agency Head

Our response

Presentation: Monday 23 August

We enjoyed sharing our ideas with you. You can find a snapshot of our presentation via the link below. To access and engage with the full Miro board, click here (password: 23August2021)

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Estimated budgets

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Welcome to our pre-read video submission for you to view. We hope this provides you with a taste of Caudex’s hunger, passion and drive to partner with Endpoint Health and embark on this amazing journey with you. We understand your purpose, vision, ambitions, and share your passion in creating a world in which all patients suffering from immune-mediated inflammatory disease have effective, personalized treatment, targeted to the right patient at the right time.

Caudex are ready to partner with you and are super excited to explore this further with you on Monday 23rd August.

Corporate overview


McCann Health is a team of 2000+ multidisciplinary experts working with more than 40 healthcare companies around the world. Caudex, part of McCann Health Medial Communications, shares the a grand vision to work in partnership with our clients and their products to make “a meaningful difference in people’s lives”. We do this through our passion for excellence and our commitment to shaping the future of medical communications.

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Caudex are pleased to share a variety of client reference contacts from a selection of our current and past clients.

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Digital Showcase

We infuse digital experiences and creativity in all that we do. Watch below to see how our white-label solutions and our spirit of inventiveness align with your technological goals.


A culture of innovation is what we strive for here at McCann Health Medical Communications. As part of our commitment to innovation, we are always looking at developing new products and services to meet our clients’ needs and challenges.
We are proud to introduce you to a few of our platforms and systems to support evidence strategies and communications


A platform to support the development of, and alignment to, an informed, intelligent and insightful scientific evidence generation and communication strategy.


A platform to support engagement with, and activation of, new scientific evidence that is easily accessible and can support different learning styles and approaches.


We believe that the future goes beyond engagement and brings all these elements together in one intelligent solution that inspires and unifies HCP communities while amplifying information to drive decisive action in our ever-changing world. We are proud to introduce UN1TE, our newest custom-built platform that creates meaningful experiences that are educational, memorable, impactful, and personalized to the ever-evolving preferences of HCPs.

Expertise and experience

Through our extensive network, we offer an unrivalled breadth and depth of expert insights and services, and best-practice intelligence from our active thought leader participation and society partnerships. At McCann Health Medical Communications, we embrace new concepts and approaches to keep our clients at the apex of thinking, and to ensure that together we realize the greatest possible success from their efforts.

Relevant expertise – therapy area and more

BiotechsImmunologyDiagnostics and BiomarkersIntensive Care

Thought leadership

Caudex are actively leading the conversation across a number of developing areas with our positive contribution to industry bodies such as ISMPP, MAPS and HCA, and our original research.
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Scientific council

The Global Scientific Council is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the healthcare communications industry, representing a team of 450+ dedicated medical and scientific experts from McCann Health’s vast global network. With reach in every corner of the globe, we can provide local and global market solutions that will lead to healthier brands, healthier businesses, healthier lives and ultimately a healthier world.

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Meet your team

Our people are everything to our ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients all over the world. We are world travellers, artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, storytellers, navigators, brave scientists, and curious researchers. We are diverse in style, thought, belief, culture, and substance. We aim to be pioneers illuminating the pathways that lead to the future of medical communications. Our sense of purpose to be all of these things – and more – is fuelled by our passion to be the absolute best at everything we do. Meet some of the people that will devote themselves to Endpoint Health’s vision for personalized treatment for all.

Michael Stevinson

Global Agency Head

Responsible for executive leadership, strategic direction, business management of Caudex, a business of McCann Health Medical Communications.

Twenty years of diverse and entrepreneurial medical communications experience leading and empowering teams to visualize challenges, create unique and inventive solutions, and implement plans that drive meaningful impact.

Endpoint Health exemplifies what the future of efficient and effective treatment for patients will be. Caudex is laser-focused on transforming the future of medical communications. Tinder couldn’t have brought us together any better.

Anna Bayley

Business Development Director

Over 15 years industry experience working within healthcare communications and commercial pharmaceutical sales across a variety of positions. Bringing in depth business leadership expertise leading teams, driving operational efficiencies, maximising revenues and achieving sustained business success. Strong problem solving and decision making abilities coupled with drive, passion and determination really flourishing in a fast paced future focused environment.

Now who wouldn’t be excited by this opportunity to work with such a passionate and pioneering set of go-getter clients at Endpoint Health leading a movement of change to transform the healthcare ecosystem delivering future hope and positive outcomes to these critically ill patients. An amazing opportunity to truly make a difference!

Gary Burd

Head of Medical Services

15 years of medical strategy and medical communications expertise; focused in immunology, having worked with therapies targeting TNFα, CTLA-4, IL-6, CD40L, IL-12/23, IL-23, IL-31, IL-17, JAK and TYK2

The advances managing immune-mediated diseases since my PhD with a MAb therapy in a mouse model of SLE have been simply astounding. The precision approach that Endpoint Health are developing is next-level amazing; the potential is clear to see, and exciting to be a part of.

Sharon Perissinotti

Managing Client Services Director

Over 15 years of medical communications expertise, with a focus in promotional medical education and medical affairs, I ensure the team is delivering to the strategy and delivery plans while looking for creative, innovative, and meaningful ways to engage with HCPs.

I’m excited to work together with such a passionate Endpoint team, applying my creativity and strategic thinking to bring this innovative precision approach to HCPs and patients.

Sarah Funderburk

Medical Insights Director

Over 10 years of medical communications expertise, with a recent focus in medical affairs and strategic insights to drive impactful engagements; passion for immunology – as on “House, MD”, it may not always be lupus, but immunology often plays a significant role!

When I think of what we can accomplish together – bringing ground-breaking science to life to those who need it most – it blows my mind.

Anushini Muthutantri

Director – Real World Evidence

In depth experience on using primary and secondary real world data and evidence across many therapy areas.

Endpoint Health has an exciting vision of enabling critically ill patients to be treated with precision treatment that will actually help them and we want to be a part of that journey.

Derek Lavery

Scientific Director

Brings a depth of immunology experience to each client touch point. Passionate scientific communicator. Believes in communicating the right message to the right people at the right time.

Who wouldn’t be excited about partnering with a BOLD, INNOVATIVE and PASSIONATE team to execute a paradigm shift in the treatment of the most critically ill patients!

Stacey Reeber

Scientific Director

During my 7 years at Caudex I’ve been immersed in the immunoscience/rheumatology TA space with a focus on publications and strategic planning.

Precision medicine is at the forefront for revolutionizing patient care and it would be amazing to embark on this journey with you.

Michael Bennett

Scientific Team Lead

Experience working in the field of Rheumatoid Arthritis, with a focus in biomarker-driven outcomes.

The precision medicine movement is a historic moment in the evolution of medicine – it’s exciting to think of being part of something so pivotal!