At Caudex, we have always prided ourselves on doing the right thing, and though we work in an industry full of codes and guidelines, sometimes it’s worth just setting out where we stand. Our position statement on the publication of company-sponsored data in the biomedical literature does just that.

As long standing supporters of the International Society of Medical Publication Professionals and GPP3, we work hard to train our staff in the highest ethical standards. If they come across something that isn’t quite right, this public statement of intent says to them “we have your back”.

Most of our clients appreciate our alignment with these ethical standards and work to them already. When we come across companies who are less aware, we are more than happy to work with them to get them up to speed. However, if a company is not interested in sharing our values, then we’re not interested in them. We will walk away, rather than execute business unethically.


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