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Poor disclosure practices reflect badly on us all

By Jackie Marchington

We Need to Talk about PLS…Exploring the Opportunities of Plain-Language Summaries

Jane Blyth, Mary Gaskarth, Andrea Plant, Kathryn Woods

Understanding Culture and Practices with Medical Publications Delivery in Japan

By Gary Burd

The Truth, the Whole Truth, or “About Half” of the Truth: AllTrials and TrialsTracker​

By Jackie Marchington and Adam Jacobs


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Foster C, Wager E, Marchington J, Patel M, Banner S, Kennard NC, Panayi A, Stacey R. Good Practice for Conference Abstracts and Presentations: GPCAP. Res Integr Peer Rev 2019;4:11. doi:10.1186/s41073-019-0070-x

Hamilton CW, Gertel A, Jacobs A, Marchington J, Weaver S, Woolley K. Mythbusting medical writing: goodbye ghosts, hello help. Account Res. 2016:23;178–94.​ Request an article token