We help our clients in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries change the world. We are experts in our field, with a bold and insatiable drive to develop and deliver scientific work that has a meaningful impact. Science is both our passion and our profession.

As a leading global medical communication agency, our work is usually but not exclusively non-promotional; think publications, medical education, patient support/disease awareness, thought leader engagement and scientific engagement at congresses and meetings. All these are foundational elements within medical communications. Our business is driven by our ability to excel across these services.

We do this because we are always curious, always looking to better address the unmet needs of our clients.

We often start work upstream of a product launch, creating and advising on the scientific narrative which is then used across different channels and which informs the commercial execution at launch and beyond. We leave the media spend and advertising to our network colleagues.

Our key differentiator is that, through our often innate understanding of science, we are able to clearly and creatively articulate the communication. We call this approach “science with flair”.

As part of the IPG Health network, we have a global reach helping our clients transform patient’s lives, forever.